Ode to husbands

polar bear 084

Oh dear husband so loyal and true,
How do you manage to make me so blue?
Could it be all those rolled up, smelly socks
That is putting this extra gray in my locks?
Why do you so kindly offer to cook?
Then be cruel and not let me read my book?
I hand you every ingredient, chop everything up,
Then have to wash every pot, plate and cup.
You have to look after the kids too you know,
It’s not like I brought them in my trousseau.
Just how they drive me nuts, you have not an inkling,
As you sit in front of the computer screen blinking.
I think it is time you cleaned up your act,
Time to grow up as a matter of fact!
Your dirty laundry lying behind the bathroom door,
I ain’t gonna pick that up no more!
While I lug the groceries you let the door slam in my face,
I think I can arrange for your neck to be in a brace.
So become a gentleman or watch your back,
Before you find yourself tied to the train tracks.

(sketch courtesy of me-because every picture I googled was copyrighted :0)


14 thoughts on “Ode to husbands

  1. I am so glad all the pictures were copyrighted because yours is so much cooler! I know the feeling, sister! You just have to let him know you can’t pull all the weight anymore. When his laundry starts to pile up and the dishes don’t get cleaned, he’ll get the idea. *winks*


    • Thanks, I enjoyed drawing him tied to the tracks. You are right, I think I am going to go on strike and not do anything….I wonder what will happen? Keep you posted πŸ™‚


  2. I love this. I think I am going to print it out, put it on the bedroom door, and count the days until Mr. T realizes I’ve posted something.


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