10 Excellent Ways I Wasted My Time Today

I write and I love to write, the thing is I get a little distracted sometimes. Okay, yes most of the time, but I always try to learn from my mistakes and have developed really useful ways to get distracted. Here are today’s excellent time wasters:

  1. Since I slept late the night before (because I was writing !) I had a hard time getting up. I wasted time by continuously pressing the snooze button.  When I finally managed to wake up, I went to the kids’ room shook them all violently and declared: “This is the fifth time I have tried to wake you guys up, don’t blame me if you miss the bus now!”

2. I fell asleep in the bathroom while brushing my teeth.

3.  After kids left for school, I sat and watched the Weather Channel. I had originally meant to turn it off, but then I realized that they keep advertising Emily Vucovic’s wardrobe by Thyme Maternity because she is actually pregnant.  And then I fell asleep on the sofa.


4.  I opened up all my email accounts, still didn’t find the Life Changing mail that will tell me some top literary agent is dying to sign me for every word I will ever write. I signed out of all of them, waited five minutes while trying to look busy in the kitchen, then checked them all again.

5.  Half an hour and no new mail later, when my eyes started to turn watery from staring at the unchanging screen, I again signed out. Then I explored all the interesting stuff on Yahoo like: “Rihanna shares bikini pics”, “Canadian fast food vs. world”, “Aguilera snubs Bieber”  and most important of all: “Pippa takes heat over racy party”. You know how besotted we Canadians are with Royalty (and all their relatives).

6.  Checked mails again, just in case those idiots wonderful agents realize what an awesome writer I am.

7.  Tried to figure out how Twitter works, still don’t get it. Husband thought I am busy in writing the next NYT Best Seller.

8.  Pondered what to cook for lunch, went through 47 different recipe websites, and saved 38 incredibly mouth-watering recipes. Then heated left-overs in the microwave.

9.  Looked at pictures of the awe-inspiring recipes I saved as I ate corn chips and drank coke that had gone flat thanks to my kids. Then I googled “ways to lose weight fast”.

10.  Facebook.Nuff said here.

So how do you waste your time?

(All pictures are from Google Images)


8 thoughts on “10 Excellent Ways I Wasted My Time Today

  1. Nowadays, apart from my job, i am spending my time thinking about new topics for my blog and as an aspiring writer(not that i have any skills,yet) i am finding it exciting. Though i am not sure how my English seems to everyone but i am trying hard nonetheless. What kind of writings are you interested in? Are you planning on writing a book too?


    • Good for you spending time usefully, your English seems pretty good to me. I have one children’s book published, one novel that I am querying for and one novel that I am writing (you can see in “My Books”)
      What kind of book are you writing or planning to write?


      • Well, i have not started yet but i am planning on writing a fiction related to Hindu Mythology. I am into poetry as well, just a little bit and i hope that real soon i will enter into the “research phase” of my book writing. I have no idea how or where to start. I have a plot in my mind and have decided which heading i would be giving for different chapters but it’s just the beginning. Lets see how it works out. It’s amazing to know that you have one book already published and i hope your second book comes out real soon. If i may ask, what genre is your second book on? Just curious!


  2. I always check my stats on WordPress repeatedly to see if anyone new is following my wonderfully brilliant posts. And lo and behold, today there was! Thanks for the follow and I am hereby following back, I love your writing 🙂


  3. Funny.


    Wokeup, went to the computer just to check my mail.
    3 hours later made a cup of tea.
    Looked at dust on the monitor, figured it can wait.
    Thought about getting off the computer after checking horoscope.
    Had chicken soup while looking at clothes online.
    Thought I really have to get off the computer.
    2 hours later made another cup of tea.
    Thought I really should shower.
    Or at least brush my hair.
    Getting dark outside.
    Snail mail delivered.
    Okay, I’m getting off the computer.


    • Good useful time wasters! Especially the ones where you just think; I think I’ll take a shower, I think I’ll brush my hair, I’ll think about changing my clothes….And getting off the computer? I am always thinking of that…haven’t gotten around to it yet 😉


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