Just Write It

I have been avoiding writing. I wrote night and day to complete my novel and now I am stuck in ‘the space between’ that Marilyn blogged about in Communicating Across Boundaries and I just didn’t feel like writing anything. Reading her post reminded me that everyone gets stuck there and that’s life! Then I read another  motivating post, ’10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer’ by Writerlious. And some advice was ‘write when you don’t want to’. So I am writing randomly about…

I went to get my eyebrows threaded. I have thick eyebrows. So thick, Brooke Shields would be jealous. Actually she would be grateful God didn’t paste a thick strip of fur across her forehead.  I usually don’t worry too much about these things but since my teenager has started calling me Russel  I thought I should get them threaded. 

Unfortunately I realized we also share the same hairstyle. This is not good. I am glad my husband doesn’t know who Russel Brand is. So I got husband to drive me to a beauty parlor and found out that they don’t open on Monday. So I still look like Russel. At least until tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Just Write It

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  3. Hey! You just made me LOL. That rarely happens. If you get stuck, read (something not online). I heard that’s the best way. And congrats on working on your novel. Big step.


  4. Shame on that teenager! LOL. Doesn’t she know you’re a very busy writer and you don’t have time for things like eyebrow waxing? 😉

    Thanks for the linkback, Khaula!


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