I Really Love Writing Query Letters

Query letters are so much fun. I love them. Don’t be jealous because you don’t feel the same way. Query letters just make me want to …

There are so many rules there should be an encyclopedia just to contain them. And no matter how many times you write it out, somehow it just never seems to be quite right. And every agent wants it just a little different. You have to read through entire websites and at least five googled up interviews before you even attempt to write a query to a particular agent. That is a lot of fun. Especially in the summer vacation with kids in the house.

Anyways there are some sites I found really helpful and have been meaning to post them for quite a while. But I get distracted really easily. Did you know piranhas are really mean little buggers?

Oh and that Snooti  Snooki just had a baby.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Fiance Jionni LaValle Welcome Son Lorenzo!

Of course then I just had to find out who she is. Ironically she has written a book and it has been published. I wonder how she managed to write the query letter. I wonder if she can spell query letter.

Sorry, got distracted. What was I talking about?

Query letters!

They really freak me out! Here are some places that were very helpful.

1.http://elanajohnson.blogspot.ca/p/writing-query-letter.html. She makes it seem so much easier. She breaks it down with lots of helpful examples.

2.http://www.nelsonagency.com/faq.html This is from the Nelson Agency Website. Very helpful.

3.http://agentqueryconnect.com/. This is a great site to learn lots and lots and lots and rant and moan and whine with other writers. And helpful. Helpful helpful.

4.http://www.americaneditingservices.com/. This is a website for an editor who was really nice and she helped me with my query a lot. I needed a lot of help. I now need a lot of vacation from summer vacation. So I can fit the lot of help I got into the rewriting of the query letter. Then I will pray I get a lot of requests. And a lot of books published. And eventually a lot of money. Then I will send a lot of my children to a lot of faraway schools so I can write a lot more without a lot of distractions. I get distracted easily. Did you know Mexican Salamanders are really weird-looking little critters?

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23 thoughts on “I Really Love Writing Query Letters

  1. Query… mhmmm, let me think about 😉 first of all, I try out the FAQ… then I let myself get out of the hand…
    sometime I do have problems even in my mother language: italian, indeed 🙂
    thank for the links have a lovely week (in the eastern part of the globe is already night, but here we still enjoy some swiss chocolate with a cup of hot tea!
    Serenity to all the family

    PS check out Chrysalis Bartók, the female protagonist of my new Novel “The Annwyn’s Secret”


  2. So glad I’ve been spared the misfortune of having to write query letters that might interest editors! I usually just dump the stuff in their e-mail and wait to hear if they need it. Most of the time I can’t keep up with what is needed, so that keeps me from having to write many query letters… I give a lot of my stuff away free and so that’s probably why I don’t need many query letters… 🙂 Love your post. By the way, who’s Snookie?


  3. LOVE this POST! Oh, me! Just found your site, now am going to check out the links you’ve included. I need all the help I can get with query letters, especially since I just read (here) that one query letter doesn’t fit all editors. Nowhere have I seen that until now. Ditto for the Mexican Salamander. Is that photo for real? Must go and see. I will Google it (him?) even before going to the helpful links. No, not golf links. I don’t do golf. It would drive me mad. Based on this blog alone, I’m now following you on Twitter.


    • Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find the links useful, you should join Agent Query Connect. Got all the pictures from Google but I have seen the salamander. It is for real. Thanks for following on twitter, though I am not that great at tweeting. I usually have too much to say 😉


  4. What I learnt from this post: Snooki just had a baby; Mexican salamanders look weird and piranhas are buggers. 🙂 Oh, and something vague about query letters? [Loved the post!]


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