Spelling Bee

Twin One:  I asked Patchy (our cat) two questions and she got them both right!

Me:  Wow she must be a smart cat.

Twin One:  She is. I am smart too.

Me:  Yes I think you are pretty smart.

Twin One:  I can spell Birthday. I learnt it myself b-i-r-t-h and then d-a-y!

Me: (In the most impressed tone possible) Wow. That is great!

Twin One:  You know what else I can spell?

Me:  Tell me.

Twin One:  I can also spell  dog pooh. D-o-g  p-o-o-h!


(Bee sticker photo courtesy of Twin One)


5 thoughts on “Spelling Bee

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    • 🙂 perchance we don’t have a dog, we do have a large stuffed Winnie the Pooh and a Winnie the Pooh story book that I have a hard time reading out loud because none of us can stop laughing. Poop humor, nothing like it 😛


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