The Secret Life My Family Doesn’t Know About (And Other Interesting Facts)


60% of your brain is fat. We are all literally fat heads. That’s an interesting fact.

Yesterday I was live painting at an event, I love to live paint, and when I was done painting I sat around enjoying the music. My toes were tapping, my head was bobbing and it suddenly dawned on me. I was at a hip-hop concert. My kids and husband had no idea. I have a whole secret life they have no clue about. I moonlight as a cool person. This is the height of awesome for the girl who used to wear green nylon bell-bottoms that her fresh-off-the-boat parents had picked out. Who even am I? It was such an epiphany. Then the dilemma, do I let my kids and husband know how cool I really I am? I mean I just live painted at an album release/hip-hop concert.

Will they believe I do all this cool stuff? No.

Should I just relish this secret life on my own? Yes.

Dilemma solved.

A huge shout out to Vivek Mehmi on the success of last night’s event, his album release #rightasrain. Also, hip hop with violin music is an amazing combination. Incredible violin accompaniment by Isaac Daniel Eng. You can find them on Instagram : Vivek Mehmi  and Isaac Daniel Eng. Thank you to Common Ground Cafe for hosting such amazing events!


All Photographs Courtesy of the Mississauga Arts Council.


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