Holiday Art Sale: Affordable Art!

This year I finally made up my mind to overcome my ar(t)ch nemesis, (get it? “art” nemesis? Yeah I crack myself up!) watercolour.

Watercolour and I never got along, partly because I have control issues and watercolour is an independent, free-spirited medium. But I love the whimsical, dreamy look it gives and so this year I forced myself to try and get along with watercolour. There was much frustration, many tears and several bad words on my part. Watercolour remained indifferent and set in her ways. In the end I let her have her way. Life lesson: you can’t control everything, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I am glad I did.

I ended up with some gorgeous pieces-if I do say so myself! I do feel I have earned those bragging rights! I have sold several pieces and all are on sale for holiday shopping, they make a beautiful gift! Unique and made with lots of love, each piece is on Canson watercolour paper (cold press 140 lbs).

I reopened my Etsy shop and put them up. You can find them here.

Adding some images here, if one of these aren’t on the Etsy shop and you would like it, just email me! “Check Contact” in the menu bar above!


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