Hope: A Mural

Mississauga Street Art and Murals.

At some point this year, not sure when. Time has become a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff (shout out to all my fellow Dr. Who nerds out there!) so I can’t be sure, in any case there was a call for an awesome mural project. Being the optimist I am or is it actually just the desperately fingers crossed artist? Either way, I applied and then… kept my fingers crossed but as time progressed I told myself to forget about it. 2020 was proving to be nobody’s year and I gave up on hearing back about the project. Then the email came. THE email. If you have received THE email you will understand my joy. My design was one of the fourteen that was selected to become a reality and I was wondering if I had mistakenly received THE email and I would shortly receive the Oops Sorry email. But I didn’t!

Just want to say a huge thank you to Artscape and Lakeview Village for the opportunity they provided artists to bring art to the community, especially during this strange time when it was hard to find work as an artist. The stories behind the murals have been covered beautifully in these great videos courtesy of Artscape and Lakeview Village, here is mine themed around Black Lives Matter, the environment and Covid :

I also had a bit of fun creating a timelapse, for someone who hated the camera so much I certainly am having the time of my life making these process videos!! 2020 is certainly the year we all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones. Also the year we stopped to smell the flowers. Silver linings. Hope.