Dear white lady, please excuse my curry aura.

Rural Indian Woman cooking food in the Kitchen

Desi cooking. It is the epitome of a love hate relationship. Love to eat it. Hate to smell it. The smell of spicy curry on rice is slightly different when it lingers on your clothes. Your walls. Your couch. Damn it even the cat.

It takes a small fortune on fabric fresheners, candles, and what not to keep our houses free from the infuriating curry smell. Curry which we cook many times throughout the week.  Dry wall loves curry. The entire house just soaks all that spicy smell up and that contraption known as the kitchen exhaust is a useless noisemaker.

There needs to be some kind of innovation in house making seriously, special materials for people who do a lot of eastern cooking. Yes I have to include the entire east because our lives depend on garlic, onions, and spices. And bak choy. Have you ever smelt the after effects of cooking bak choy?  Ugh!

We eastern cooking people are the reason the scent industry will continue to flourish, prosper and cause the remaining ozone layer to vanish completely.  We have cans of air freshener in every corner of the house, which we use fervently especially in winter when windows can’t be opened. Winter is the worst when it comes to curry…aromas.

The day of the winter concert my daughters were super excited to be performing (for the one millionth time). We were invited in the evening to watch them. My husband had forgotten about it and suddenly came down with every ailment in the book when reminded of the evening’s agenda.

I let him off the hook and offered to just go by myself. Even I had been trying to talk the girls out of it. (Don’t judge me, I usually get excited about watching them perform every year even after hearing the songs every day for two months from all three of them.)But it had been a very tiring week.

I was running late, I wanted to get dinner cooked before I left so the kids could come home, eat and we could just wind the evening up. By 7pm I am so sleepy I can fall asleep while eating dinner. Curry facials are not good for your skin.

Spaghetti and meatballs for the kids. Desi guy doesn’t like pasta. At all. So I had decided to cook bihari kababs that day for him. Biggest mistake ever. In my haste to get to school I just grabbed my coat after I turned off the stove and ran outside. Ignoring the yells of the spray cans containing various scented toxic liquids that decorated our house.

I herded the girls in the direction of their classes and then went to the gym to await the performance. There were no seats left so I had to stand at the entrance. Where it was nice and airy. Till my friend spotted me and dragged me back with her because she had an extra seat (she pulled her youngest out of said seat and sat him on her lap for the whole evening-I love my friends). It was crowded. Packed. You could smell snow and salt. And bihari kabab.

I felt like kicking myself. I whispered my horror to my friend who smiled and said, “yeah I wondered what you had been cooking. Great korma smell!”

“Bihari kabab,” I said.

“Well I don’t mind,” she giggled.

But the white lady sitting next to me did. A lot. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her stiffen. I saw her slowly rise and leave. To sit on some chair she was lucky enough to find in that packed gym away from me. Dear white lady from the winter concert at the school gym, I am extremely sorry, please excuse my curry aura.




Sunshine Award

I got a nice surprise today, and I had not really planned to post anything. I am going a little nutty working on my second novel, and I was already more than a little nutty. Now I keep getting my kids names mixed up and my house is a mess and most of the time everybody goes hungry…but I guess I have to do this post today.

Anish Nair nominated me for this and I had no idea what I was supposed to do and since I am a dummy I spent quite a bit of time trying to find out. He has a really nice blog: you should go and visit it.

So…first thank the person who nominated you,

Thank you Anish, it is nice to get something unexpected!

second tell 10 things about yourself   

this took some time!

1. I think I am a writer, my teenager thinks I am just avoiding housework 😉

2. I think I am a gourmet cook, my husband thinks I shouldn’t burn the food so often.

3. I think I look like a super model, my daughter thinks I need to go on a diet.

4. I think I have a great sense of humor, my friends think I am nuts.

5. I think I look good with a few grays, my daughter thinks I should dye my hair blue.

6.  I think 60’s songs are great, my kids think I was actually around in the 60’s.

7. I think I am honest and frank, my boss thought I was trying to start a rebellion.

8. I think cats are purrfect, my cats thought I was their mommy.

9. I think it’s great to hang out at the mall, my husband thinks I eat too many donuts there.

10. I think I am the perfect mom, never mind what my kids think!

third nominate five blogs 

This one was tough because there are so many great blogs out there.