Life of Pi

Although Boredom is Good for You….

Bored people

It is shameful and I shouldn’t do it, but I can’t help it. I read Life of Pi some years back. And I had to force myself through it. I hang my head in shame. But hell it was boring. The only reason I forced myself through it was I kept hoping that somewhere along the line it would get interesting or my malfunctioning brain cells would start working and I would actually get the story. But I didn’t and at the end of the novel I felt quite cheated. Please forgive me, all you incredible critics who gave it rave reviews. I could never imagine it being turned into a movie. But watching the Oscars last night convinced me that Ang Lee and his team are capable of magic and yes I want to see the movie. No offence Yann Martel, I am just plain dumb and totally missed the entire point of the story if there was one. I like fast paced stories which have a beginning, middle and end. No hidden meanings that require the IQ of a rocket scientist to decipher. But I want to watch the movie, it deserved the Oscar for Cinematography and why is everyone trashing Seth Macfarlane? Because he sang out true well known facts? Well all those actresses should have thought about that before dumbly agreeing to do just anything on screen, good for you Jennifer Lawrence you just gained more respect. And you fall gracefully.

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5 thoughts on “Life of Pi

  1. Heh. I read Life of Pi years ago and don’t even remember if I enjoyed it or not. It did do one thing that it set out to do, and that was make me think about zoos with a broader perspective. As for the movie… since I also don’t remember what the fate of that damn tiger is, I’m not sure I want to see it. I rather need a happy ending, you know?


  2. I find that a lot with supposedly “awesome” books that critics love. I REALLY wanted to read Cloud Atlas and I tried, but it was soooo boring.

    So I can relate!


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  4. I read the book just before the movie came out and then watched the movie and found it amazing! I wouldn’t have understood most of it without having read the book.
    Personally I found it quite interesting. The tiger was completely computer generated so the life like portrayal of it was absolutely brilliant. Saying that my friends found the whole thing completely far fetched and unrealistic. I suppose its not to everyone’s taste.


    • Far fetched yes, however it wasn’t supposed to be a true story! Good imagination, although the book really wasn’t for everyone. It is a good read if you have lots of free time and the patience and if you are not looking for a fast paced adventure that has something to be achieved by the protagonist. Thanks for stopping by Nadia 🙂


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