Miriam Makeba

Today on Google I found this :

Miriam Makeba's 81st birthday

Today is Miriam Makeba‘s birthday. I had no idea who she was ( shame on me) and thank you Google for teaching us so many things we don’t know ( but should). You have to go and read all about her on Wikipedia because her story is incredible; from spending the first six months of her life in jail to becoming a Grammy Award winning singer and civil rights activist. You also have to hear her, incredible voice and catchy music. She was exiled from South Africa for nearly thirty years because she actively campaigned against apartheid, but she kept singing. In fact she sang till the day she died. So many incredibly inspiring people we can learn from.


9 thoughts on “Miriam Makeba

  1. Hi Khaula, when I saw that Google doodle, I thought “Yes!” My generation knows Miriam well…she was with Paul Simon’s Graceland tour, possibly the most iconic album of the 1980s. I played it into the ground (on cassette) and then bought all Hugh Masekela and Miriam’s albums and fell in love with South African music. May she never be forgotten!


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